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Midtown East

Midtown East Apartment Rentals, Coops and Condos

Much like Midtown West, the east side of Midtown is generally filled with business people during the day. And though this Manhattan district encompasses one of the central commuting centers, it is considerably more subdued come nightfall. Those who are looking for a less hectic version of the Midtown scene would do well to look for an apartment on Manhattan's Midt-East side.

Every morning, the main concourse of Grand Central Station is the first sight that many out-of-town commuters glance. And what a sight it is. The 12-story ceiling painted with the constellations of the zodiac gives the concourse an open, airy feel. Best of all, this stored terminal offers connections to 5 subway lines and the Metro-North commuter rail system, to say nothing of the countless nearby stops from which city buses and airport buses depart. In short, if your apartment, co-op or condo is near Grand Central, transportation throughout New York and beyond will always be accessible.

Just before 42nd Street reaches the East River, it intersects with a small thoroughfare called Tudor City Place. The eponymous apartment complex located here is notable for its large panes of stained glass. The most notable change between the construction of Tudor City and the present is the presence of the United Nations Headquarters. This 18-acre plot that hugs the East River is comprised of the Secretariat and General Assembly buildings, and a rose garden that practically begs to be strolled through.

When the workday is done, Midtown East slows its hectic pace considerably, making it a great neighborhood in which to have an apartment if you appreciate your peace and quiet. With Midtown West only blocks away, it is possible to have all the nighttime excitement of New York without having to worry about that excitement being right under where you live.



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