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Battery Park

Battery Park City Apartments Rentals, Coops and Condos

A few blocks north of the Financial Center is what is probably one the most distinguished learning institutions in all of New York after Columbia University: Stuyvesant High School. Only those students who earn the highest scores on the Specialized Science High School Admissions Test are allowed to attend. The good news is that residents can take advantage of Stuyvesant's swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts when school isn't in session.

Directly adjacent to Wagner Park is Battery Park itself. For a mere 50 cents each way, you can hop aboard the Staten Island Ferry and enjoy a speedy jaunt through New York Harbor. Those looking to get a better look at the Harbor's famous landmarks can also find ferries here to take them to either Ellis Island or the Statue of Liberty. Understandably, tourists flock to these famous attractions during the summer months.

Staying in Battery Park City would be akin to having a place in the suburbs without having to pay for gas and tolls. Leaving the neighborhood does require walking across or above the West Side Highway, which is a bit of a chore if you just want to pop out for a quick slice of pizza. However, there are enough services already in Battery Park City, including two supermarkets, that those who choose apartments here find that the overall quality of life in the neighborhood outweighs such minor inconveniences


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